In the old movie Gaslight, Charles Boyer tried to drive Ingrid Bergman crazy by playing on her mind. Our government is playing on our minds by spying on us and assuring us they are not, even while they are recording every word we speak on the telephone, every word we text on our smartphones, every email we write or receive, everything we say on Facebook or Twitter, and I’m not so sure they’re not reading our thoughts. But not to worry, they say that even though they’re collecting it, they’re not listening to it or reading it. But if not, then why are they collecting it?

In total dark the dull red eyes
Crept up my arm and in my ear
They whispered soothing, soft spoke lies
Then told me they were never here
I lay in bed too scared to move
As tiny wolves licked at my toes
They smiled and said as if to prove
That all was well, that’s how it goes
My telephone will ring at night
I hear the breathing soft and still
The silent voices give me fright
I rise and then against my will
I call the FBI to say
That I will do what they may please
A dulcet tone says not today
So far you’ve only had the tease

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