Geezer Culture

We are living in final times, witnesses to  the final paroxysms of the radical culture of the 60s and the 70s, a culture of drug induced dementia and the willful destruction of the common values we once held dear, all foisted on an unsuspecting populace by Che Guevara loving twenty-something radicals determined to tear everything down. Everything takes seventy years to work its way through the intestines of a society, because it lasts so long as its founders are alive, and happily, the radical leftist twenty-somethings of the 50s are leaving us. What we do next is the question. Do we continue to keep alive that destructive culture with the election of Hillary Clinton or do we say goodbye to all that and elect a new vision for America in the person of Donald Trump. The latter will not be easy, for the 50s radicals and their successors have burrowed deep and are not about to give up power without a fierce and bloody fight.

For many years the country has
Been ruled by 50s geezers
And so corrupt could only be
Picked up with sterile tweezers
Originals are leaving us
In ever greater numbers
Succumbing peaceful in their sleep
To lie in gentle slumbers
As such as Hillary press on
Determined to destroy us
By sending all the jobs abroad
With none left to employ us
By making sure that all is rigged
To come out in their favor
With laws just for the little folk
And Left the only flavor
But revolution’s in the air
Be gone these Lefty strumpets
We’re shoving off the 50s Left
With blaring, blazing trumpets

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