Bethlehem Royal Hospital for the Insane, in London, Bed’lam in cockneyspeak, would never have had the reputation it has earned if they had had Josh Earnest, the press spokesman for the Obama White House, to explain what was going on inside.

Josh Earnest might be crazy too
It’s just so hard to tell
He knows the press is lazy too
And what he has to sell
Is taken at face value by
Each lefty ink stained wretch
Who never stop to ask Josh why
The sell is such a stretch
Inside they’re banging on the doors
And screaming at the night
While rolling frothing on the floors
And running round in fright
But all is calm outside and so
We know that all is well
Josh wouldn’t lie, that much we know
And while the country fell
Behind the White House counting rooms
Where votes are stashed in piles
The patients cower as their dooms
Are locked inside the files
Where staff has placed them all on hold
Until election day
When out they come, the dead and cold
The daft and all who play
At being sane and competent
While screaming in their sleep
As demons screech, Repent! Repent!
As Josh earns well his keep

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