Gimme Me Entitlements

Recent polls have shown a small erosion in Obama’s support among his most ardent admirers, African-Americans. The erosion is small, but significant in that there is any erosion at all. Most still demand their entitlements, but some African-Americans seem to be questioning the whole race card position.



Some say it’s all about our race

While others say that’s not the case

I say what’s mine is always mine

Just gimme it and all is fine

You promised me the earth and stars

And what we got was prison bars

You promised us the moon and sun

And we delivered for the One

And now you say there’s no more dough

No more two bills for passing Go

We been your Ho since thirty two

Through FDR and Clinton too

And now this hopey changey guy

Has brought us this dark falling sky

I might not vote this time around

I might just see what others found

That slavery ended long ago

And plantations closed down the show

So now I think I just might spend

Some time and see how this will end



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