Global Cooling

Scientists now say that the sun is entering a cooling period, predicting decades of very cold winters, cool summers and shortened growing seasons, all because of the cyclical nature of the flaming conveyor belt that carries hot plasma from the depths of the sun to the surface and back down again. So those of us who scoffed at the very notion of man made global warming have been proved correct; carbon dioxide, without which there would be no plant life and we would all die, the very substance we breathe into the atmosphere with every breath we exhale, the gas the global warmists hysterically and deliberately fraudulently claimed was a pollutant, is not to blame for the Earth’s climate. No, according to NASA, the startling discovery has now been made that the Earth’s climate is determined by the sun. Who knew?



How often have we heard it said

That we must stop it or be dead

It matters not what we must stop

It matters not, it’s just a hop

A skip and jump to ocean rise

Propelled by very subtle lies

Announced by people who will be

Enriched by saps like him and thee

Who bought the global warming scam

As folks like Gore then tried to ram

A fraudster scheme like cap and trade

Whereby their fortunes would be made

And now we’re told that it’s the sun

Not CO2 that is the one

That drives the climate of the Earth

So let me say for what it’s worth

That only fools were taken in

By all that settled science spin

From very first I shouted Bah!

I always knew ‘twas AmonRa


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