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Global Cooling

Scientists now say that the sun is entering a cooling period, predicting decades of very cold winters, cool summers and shortened growing seasons, all because of the cyclical nature of the flaming conveyor belt that carries hot plasma from the depths of the sun to the surface and back down again. So those of us who scoffed at the very notion of man made global warming have been proved correct; carbon dioxide, without which there would be no plant life and we would all die, the very substance we breathe into the atmosphere with every breath we exhale, the gas the global warmists hysterically and deliberately fraudulently claimed was a pollutant, is not to blame for the Earth’s climate. No, according to NASA, the startling discovery has now been made that the Earth’s climate is determined by the sun. Who knew?



How often have we heard it said

That we must stop it or be dead

It matters not what we must stop

It matters not, it’s just a hop

A skip and jump to ocean rise

Propelled by very subtle lies

Announced by people who will be

Enriched by saps like him and thee

Who bought the global warming scam

As folks like Gore then tried to ram

A fraudster scheme like cap and trade

Whereby their fortunes would be made

And now we’re told that it’s the sun

Not CO2 that is the one

That drives the climate of the Earth

So let me say for what it’s worth

That only fools were taken in

By all that settled science spin

From very first I shouted Bah!

I always knew ‘twas AmonRa


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The Climate God

NASA satellites have recently collected real and reliable data on the upper atmosphere, and found, as anyone with a half working brain could have told them, that the computer models that predicted global warming were absolutely and completely wrong. The upper atmosphere was not holding heat in, as the global warming scam artists would have you believe, but allowing the heat to escape into outer space, thus proving once and for all that global warming is untrue. Not that it matters to the people who almost pulled off the greatest money making scam ever. It doesn’t matter what NASA says or what the satellites find. Global Warming is a religion, and its adherents will not be swayed by evidence that their god is dead.



The climate is changing, the science is done

Regardless of facts that it’s not

And even if proven we’re warmed by the sun

They’d not change their minds by a jot

The icebergs are melting, the bears in decline

The seas are all rising a lot

And even if proven the bears are all fine

They’d not change their minds by a jot

The air is polluted with carbon you know

It’s hard to know just what we’ve got

But even if proven the air’s fresh as snow

They’d not change their minds by a jot

They’ll not change position, they swear they won’t fold

Insisting it’s gonna get hot

And even if proven we’re gonna get cold

They’d not change their minds by a jot

For climate’s their god and fair Gaia they’d heal

With their god cleaning up all the rot

And even if shown that their god is not real

They’d not change their minds by a jot


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You Are My Sunshine

The global warming people just don’t give up. Their scam and fraud has been exposed for all to see, yet in high liberal socialist places like the UN, people insist on being paid by the West for not polluting the atmosphere with Carbon, the building block of all life on Earth. Environmental whackos insist, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that the sun has nothing to do with warming the Earth. The claim now is that Sulphur, SO8, will save us from that evil pollutant Carbon dioxide, CO2, a substance we all exhale and have exhaled from the moment of birth. Many years ago, when I was a lad, we boy scouts sat around the campfire and sang You Are My Sunshine. I don’t remember the words, but the melody went something like this.



You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You warm my woodlands, you warm my seas

You grow my flowers

You gauge my hours

And without you, sunshine, I’d freeze

Now some berate you, while others hate you

Say rising temps are made by man

Their claims are foolish

Just fossil fuelish

And all life on earth they’d ban

Oh mighty orb now, you can absorb now

All CO2 that we exhale

They say S8 now

Will expiate now

For the sin of theory fail

Ask any shaman, the great god Amon

Has circled Earth and warmed our hearths

The highest churchmen

Were in the lurch men

When ‘twas found the circling’s earth’s

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

You give me sunburn

You make the world turn

Please don’t take my sunshine away


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Going Through The Motions

The romance is over. Even the global warming scammers no longer believe their lies. They’re just going through the motions, still calling for an end to Western Civilization and a return to the eleventh century, but their cries are half-hearted, for they know no one takes them seriously any more. Too many lies, too many faked charts and graphs, too many released emails detailing the scam. Some years ago there was a song called Once More With Feeling, telling how it is when it’s all over. Second verse new lyrics.



Let’s try it one more time with feeling darlin’

Take it from the top

Let me feel those tears afallin’ girl

I don’t want to miss a single drop

Darlin’ make believe you’re makin’ me

Believe each word you say

Try it once more with feeling

And we’ll call it a day


We’ve had a real good run at brass rings darlin’

Now it’s time to stop

The folks all know it’s just a scam

So let’s quit while we’re still at the top

Carbon credits made us billions girl

They believed each word we say

We’ll try it once more with feeling

And we’ll call it a day


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Carbon Credits

It has come to light that many corporations that paid millions of dollars to carbon credit companies actually received no carbon credits, the carbon credit companies pocketing the money without planting any trees or doing any of the other goofy things Al Gore promised the carbon credit companies would do. So it is all a money making scam, as many of us knew from the start.



Who’da thunk, who could believe

That any man could so deceive

I’ll wager Mr. Gore was much surprised

If not mistaken he’s involved

And one day when the case is solved

We’ll find he’s been a crook like we surmised

Though possibly Al Gore was clean

He truly bled not red but green

And carbon credits bought from Al were good

He canceled out emissions fair

By planting forests in the air

On top of that he said his head was wood


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A Waving Piece Of Paper

In 1938 British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returned from the Munich conference waving a piece of paper, happily claiming, “Peace in our time!” Unfortunately, he didn’t get peace, he got Hitler. President Obama recently returned from the Copenhagen conference on Global Warming waving a piece of paper, declaring victory in the phony war on the global warming scam. Fortunately for us, all Obama got was a snowstorm and record cold temperatures, and not the destruction of the United States and western civilization he so ardently desires. 



The president will take a bow

For handling well this crisis

And bowing’s something he knows how

Among his other vices

The Copenhagen summit failed

To kill our jobs and nation

But even so Obama hailed

His triumphal oration

 That made the third world envoys mad

That money they expected

Was not forthcoming ‘cause the bad

Chinese had still rejected

The suicide Obama sought

To save the world from warming

Despite the fact the world’s now fraught

With icy cold and storming



Snow Job

President Obama is off to Copenhagen to jump-start the flagging UN effort to destroy western civilization, a thing apparently dear to the president’s heart. The leaked emails and memos from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia have shown the climate scientists hiding the data that contradicted their falsified alarms about global warming, preventing skeptics from publishing in journals and otherwise behaving like wise guys engaged in criminal activity. Which they were. The question is, was this a conspiracy or just mission bias, an innocent commonality of belief. I believe the question has been answered: conspiracy. A conspiracy by the radical environmental Left to return the western world to the 12th century, when the world, they believe, was a better place and the inhabitants thereof a nobler people. A conspiracy of dunces with PhDs. This whole Global Warming thing has been a snow job from the very first. Or as Al Gore was reportedly heard to exclaim, “Kyoto today, tomorrow die Welt!”



Snow when seen from inside home

Glistens white and lovely

Until you put on boots and cap

And then it becomes shovely

The AGW stuff’s like that

It looks good from a distance

But when you get up close to it

You sure do find resistance

To everything the science guys

Who really should know better

Are doing to their science just

To get that grant fund letter

Is there a big conspiracy

Or just a mission bias

Do they believe in what they say

Or are they just big liahs

Break down the word conspiracy

And feast your eyes upon

The last part that says piracy

The first part that says con



Getting To Choose

The Chinese, the world’s number one polluters, have told the Global Warming delegates in Copenhagen that they will not be bound by nor will they abide by any carbon emission restrictions set up by the UN or anybody else, but will take their share of the trillions of dollars of Western money the UN is eager to transfer to those less fortunate, or less able, or less honest. China therefore puts the whole thing squarely in cynical perspective: the UN is run by the Third World kleptocracies and thugocracies, all of them eager to suck at the golden teat of Western wealth, and they have seized on the Global Warming scam started by Al Gore and his friends to get it. Since the earth is currently cooling and not warming, maybe cooler heads will prevail and Al and the rest of the scam artists will be put in jail.



The Chinese are a clever race

They say they’re all ‘bout saving face

And so they’ll never tell a lie

Not even kidding on the sly

They say upfront they only care

To do the only thing that’s fair

And what is fair to them, God knows

Is that their land and money grows

So that is why they’ll sell us goods

From missile parts to parka hoods

And smile at global warming news

‘Cause they’re the ones who get to choose



It Isn’t CO2 We’re Against, It’s You

The greatest shakedown and transfer of wealth in recorded history is underway in Copenhagen as we speak. The global warming scam artists, whose radical left-wing ideology requires them to destroy Western society, and corrupt and often murderous third world dictators thirsting for the money that will flow their way, are gearing up to fleece the West in general and the United States in particular of hundreds of billions of dollars in pursuit of a non-solution to a non-existent threat to the planet. Science and technology have combined to make it possible to turn coal into gas in an environmentally friendly way, thereby making it possible to produce electricity by converting existing coal burning plants to gas. You would think the environmental whackos would be jumping for joy at the prospect of removing all that carbon dioxide from the air, but you would be wrong. The enviro whack-jobs are against any such thing, preferring wind and solar power to take us all back to the 12th century.



Oh no, he said, quite horrified

You can’t make gas that way

When all us whacks are starry-eyed

About the coming day

That we will all be carbon free

And people thus secure

From danger from the rising sea

And air is clear and pure

So who needs carbon anyhow

It’s surely been a curse

I see a tree of many bough

And say it could be worse

‘Cause trees and things eat up the stuff

That’s why it’s all around

I say with trees we’ve had enough

Let’s burn’em to the ground

That way there’d be no need to have

The carbon here at all

And then our conscience we can salve

And pridefully stand tall

What’s that you say, the trees and things

Turn carbon into air?

The stuff we breathe, we human beings

That God made oh so fair?

But don’t you see, that’s just the point

When we’ve no atmosphere

The planet’s then a gorgeous joint

Because you won’t be here



What Emails? What Memos?

The revelations of fraud as revealed in the emails and files hacked from a server at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, Great Britain, will not mean a thing. The emails show the scientists rigging the data to make it appear that man, and not the sun, is responsible for what little global warming there has been over the past one hundred years, but neither Al Gore nor the climate Nazis will be dissuaded or disturbed by the facts, since he and they were undoubtedly privy to the scam from the beginning. No, the hockey stick guys will fight tooth and nail, claiming with every exhaled carbon dioxide breath that global warming is real and that the emails are faked. They will not give up easily, for careers are at stake, and for some, like Al Gore, it isn’t a career that’s at stake, but vast sums of money. Do not expect the climate Nazis to give up their fevered dream of running the world’s economies and peoples through the soft tyranny of the European socialist elites. And above all, do not expect Al Gore to do a mea culpa.



The climate is changing, we’re told by Al Gore

Regardless of facts that it’s not

And even with emails, the scandal du jour

He’ll not change his mind by a jot

The icebergs are melting, the bears in decline

The seas are all rising a lot

And even if proven the bears are all fine

He’d not change his mind by a jot

The air is polluted with carbon you know

It’s hard to know just what we’ve got

But even if proven the air’s fresh as snow

He’d not change his mind by a jot

He’ll not change positions on climate, we’re told

He says that it’s gonna get hot

And even if proven we’re gonna get cold

He’d not change his mind by a jot

For climate’s the answer to money for Al

He sees it as dough for the pot

The climate change scam is for him a cash cow

So he’ll not change his mind by a jot