It is being reported that General Motors is now gluing its cars together, apparently because it’s cheaper than welding or maybe because cardboard is cheaper than steel. To be fair to Government Motors, they are probably building the cars out of composite materials now instead of steel, so gluing is the only option, unless they try sewing. In any event, if General Motors is run like every other government entity, I foresee trouble ahead. I spoke to a man who had just bought a glued together GM car and he shook his head sadly and said,

All seemed okay just off the lot
The salesman said it wouldn’t rot
Like rusted steel was surely like to do
But in the carwash, sad to tell
She came apart as pieces fell
Off every place hot water met the glue
The carwash people they were kind
They gathered all that they could find
But still I’m missing parts unfound as yet
I called the White House to complain
And I was told that in the main
It was my fault for getting it all wet
Insurance does not cover rain
And I don’t fear a little pain
But my next car I’m surely gonna lease
Till gummint cars can do just fine
And hold together rain or  shine
And gummint workers know what’s glue from grease

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