The Bright Side Of The Road

We have lost our way, and have left the bright side of the road for the shadowed and sinister dark of the progressive mind. Black Lives Matter, a domestic terrorist group that fosters race war by ambushing and killing police officers, is praised by the president of the United States and invited to the White House. The leftward slide from what we were to what we are now is gathering speed, and soon, if we do not return to the lighted path, we will die.

We’ve traveled long since Valley Forge the bright side of the road
We’ve welcomed in the tired and poor to share the heavy load
We’ve fought for freedom here at home and all around the globe
We’ve never dressed our leaders in a royal purple robe
We’ve led the world in science and invention and the arts
And lately we have led the world in crying bleeding hearts
Who’ve changed our way of thinking of the nature of a man
From free men to dependency on the progressive plan
Dividing all into disparate and unequal groups
Of victims and oppressors and the chosen and the dupes
We’ve traveled down the Leftist path that many tyrants strode
Let’s kick the bastards out and walk the bright side of the road

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