Josef Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s spinmeister, who said it was foolish to tell small lies when big lies were much more effective. Goebbels’ picture, it seems, is in the wallets of many of our so-called journalists. The lefty news anchors and lefty pundits will try to put some spin on the Obama debate disaster, and will surely come out snarling in an attempt to right the ship. Some couplets to ponder, as strangers we wander, to such places where, lives only despair. Or, as we were constantly reminded in 1942, there was, every day, a close shave on the Burma Road.


Every day the lying spews

From Lefties anchoring the news


Our Left’s composed of selfless nobles

Who self compete to be like Goebbels


The sycophants all love Obama

Incompetence, thus daily drama


The Left has won and none can foil it

They’ve put the country in the toilet


Our children’s lives will be disasters

Should they defy their Lefty masters


If Obie wins a new four years some

Of the future will be fearsome


The pundits now who think they’re clever

Will live, like coprolite, forever


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