The Acolytes

Supposedly adult Obama supporters have taken to writing the sacred name on the backs of their hands. Can you see the possibilities? Four years ago a New Jersey teacher taught her first graders to sing ;”We Love Obama”. But why just one first grade class in one school in one state? Why not ink the back of the hands of each public school child in America? It could go something like this.


A local middle school production, written, staged and directed by dedicated to the children members of the Teachers Union, shows its solidarity to Obama by means of messages written on the backs of the hands of even the smallest of the students. As the curtain rises, the chorus, dressed in glittering white gowns and cardboard halos, sings to Obama, the Savior.


The stage is set, the lights are low

The curtain slowly raises

To fierce applause the chorus sings

The now familiar praises

“Obama! Son of God,” they sing

“Observe our handed letters

That read of love and faith and trust

In you and all our betters

Obamacare is here for us

If ever we should need it

And if we have a thought for you

We’re sure that you will heed it

For well we know you know our minds

You know how we are feeling

And that is why, Obama dear

To you we all are kneeling.”

With that the children kneel and pray

Their hands writ on extended

Revealing praiseful compliments

To One for whom knees bended

But just before the kids went on

A stealthy truth promoter

Changed all the words the teachers wrote

A fearless Romney voter

The audience was pleased and smiled

As O himself demanded

Not noticing the compliments

Were one and all back-handed


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