Good Neighbors

Robert Frost wrote a poem in which he said that good fences make good neighbors. Several European countries are now building fences to keep the nearly all young male Muslim invaders out of Europe, fearing the worst. European Leftists cannot believe their view of the world is being upset by ragged and poorly educated Muslim peasants demanding to be let in to the land of the free meal, free housing and free paycheck, and have belatedly, against their will and better Leftist judgement of what is fair and honorable, begun the building of walls and fences. But we shall see if they carry through. Walled cities and walled castles were all the rage some time ago. We may yet see them again..

Fences and walls do the good neighbors make
Providing they’re stout and they’re high
With battlement towers not easy to take
And townsmen quite ready to die
For hearth and for home and the country they love
A moat filled with oil to inflame
A stoutly barred door with portcullis above
And lancers to close out the game
Castles are now back in favor at last
The horses replaced by the wheel
The knight’s chain link armor a thing of the past
Invaders trod by booted heel
The borders are open but only to those
With papers and proper ID
Or is all the talk of walled fences a pose
With Lefties in charge we shall see

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