The Digital Sea

Ten billion years ago the oceans were covered with non-living, non-conscious algae, or so some would say. Some are inclined to believe that the algae, through uncounted and uncountable mutations, formed all subsequent life on Earth, while others scoff at the very idea. I spoke to some of those mutations the other day and most said that their ancestral algaeic DNA did indeed reside in all living things now inhabiting the Earth, while several skeptics said if that was the case then how come they never got mutated and were still algae.

The ancient seas were bloomin’
Knowing shortly they’d be human
And would climb the sandy beaches and breathe air
They looked forward to the time when
They would first be an enzyme then
Up the ladder step by step and they’d be there
God made first the salted oceans
But then algae had some notions
That syntheism is the farthest stage
Of the algaeic mutation
And that man had reached the station
Where he is at once pure nothing and a sage
Duty bound to have his pleasure
And his riches beyond measure
Even if those things are never really real
Just a shadow at the edges
The mutational mind dredges
And full circle doth the algae turn the wheel

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