Goodbye Barney

Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts, has announced he does not intend to run for another term in 2012, and a good thing too, for he has done enough damage to the country already. Barney Frank was largely responsible for the financial crisis of 2008 through his lies about the solvency of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, lies  that resulted in bank failures and Keynesian stimulus packages that doubled our national debt at a stroke, a debt that bids well to drive the country off a financial cliff. So thank you, Barney, for your years of disservice to your country. Have a happy retirement.



Do we care Barney was a fag

Who took us on a spending jag

Who ruined Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Who sneered at heteros like us

And threw his friends under the bus

And never heard a single word we’d say

Who got the Congress to pass laws

That ripped us all in a good cause

That only he could see was worth his while

He made no money was his boast

But he collected more than most

Enough to keep his boyfriend right in style


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