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Goodbye Barney

Barney Frank, Democrat of Massachusetts, has announced he does not intend to run for another term in 2012, and a good thing too, for he has done enough damage to the country already. Barney Frank was largely responsible for the financial crisis of 2008 through his lies about the solvency of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, lies  that resulted in bank failures and Keynesian stimulus packages that doubled our national debt at a stroke, a debt that bids well to drive the country off a financial cliff. So thank you, Barney, for your years of disservice to your country. Have a happy retirement.



Do we care Barney was a fag

Who took us on a spending jag

Who ruined Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Who sneered at heteros like us

And threw his friends under the bus

And never heard a single word we’d say

Who got the Congress to pass laws

That ripped us all in a good cause

That only he could see was worth his while

He made no money was his boast

But he collected more than most

Enough to keep his boyfriend right in style


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Swan Lake

A Black Swan is defined as an event no one saw coming, and many described the events of 2008 and 2009 as a Black Swans. But they were not Black Swans, they were White Swans, for quite a few people saw where the criminal gang running Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taking us. Saw what was happening and brought it forcefully to the attention of Congress, where guys like Barney Frank and the rest of the Democrats brushed off the evidence and proclaimed all was well, that giving mortgages to people with no reasonable expectation of paying them was a reasonable thing to do, and for the Democrats it was a reasonable thing to do, for the people getting those mortgages were an integral part of the Democratic base, and could be relied upon to vote Democrat so long as they were fed other peoples’ money in a never ending stream.  Now if the black swans and the white swans could get together, maybe we’d have a chance of getting out of this mess. But don’t hold your breath.



Prince Barack, with some handsome friends

In Bretton Woods go hunting

When magically the woodlot ends

To show a lake not wanting

In beauty, filled with pure white swans

Once maidens, now bewitcheth

By Fannie Mae and other cons

Whose nostrums they did pitcheth

Good Prince Barack, now deep in love

With Odette, swan and comely

Cried in despair to gods above

Why is Odile so homely

Odette said that the spell were gone

If Barack loved her fiercely

And if he cried on White House lawn

With face all streaming tearsly

That debt and earmarks and the like

Were now and ever done with

And did he not she’d take a hike

He’d not have her for fun with

And so he did and all the swans

Were unbewitched and praised him

And swore that no more magic wands

Would harm the ones who raised him

With crisis passed the whole great gang

Of mankind cried Hosannas

And white and black the swans all sang

Yes, we have no bananas


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Frankie And Johnny

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were and are the children of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. And a gravy train for Democrat apparatchiks, who gave themselves million dollar bonuses and taxpayer paid vacations in all the world’s exotic places. The principal function of Fannie and Freddie was to provide government backing to mortgages issued to people who could not possibly pay the mortgage, under the guise that by doing so would turn those people into middle class folks and thus solve the problems of the inner city ghettos while ensuring those people remained solid Democrat votes. And when the mortgages did not get paid, and the government backed mortgages defaulted, the financial crisis of 2008 was upon us. To the tune of that old standard Frankie and Johnny, new lyrics.



Fannie and Freddie were sweethearts

Lordy how they loved cash

Swore to be true to each other

Dems they loved but Republicans trash

Frank was their man, but they done him wrong

Now Frank went down to the corner

To get a bucket of votes

He said to the gay bartender

Man I got em by the throats

They were his friends, but they done him wrong

Well I don’t want to cause you no trouble

Said the barkeep, when shove comes to push

I seen Fan and Freddie bout an hour ago

And they was strollin’ ‘long with Georgie Bush

You were their man, but they be doin’ you wrong

Then Frank went home in a hurry

He didn’t go there for fun

He hurried home to get a hold

Of his boyfriend’s shootin’ gun

He was their man, and they done him wrong

Well that was the end of the story

Fan and Freddie continued Frank’s way

Continued to bust out the country

Giving loans to those who couldn’t pay

He was their man, and he done us wrong



Tiptoe Through The Tulips

Barney Frank declares the housing bubble was not the same as the tulip bubble of centuries ago, because houses have value and tulips do not. If anyone knows how to tiptoe through the tulips, it’s Bahney Fwank.



When Bahney Fwank sees tulips bloom

His tiny tippy toes

Just glide along with awesome grace

I know, he’s one of those

He does the same with Freddie Mac

As well as Fannie Mae

With subprime deals for favored folks

The rest of us must pay

He’s generous as to a fault

He dances through this life

The question though is Fannie Mae

Or Freddie Mac his wife



The Four Trillion Faces Of Bonny Fwank

Barney Frank is always an easy target. Just the other day it was reported that H.R. 4173, The Wall Street Reform And Consumer Protection Act, sponsored by Financial Services committee chairman Barney Frank, which was passed by the House this past December, calls for the Federal Reserve to make available four trillion dollars to major banks in the event of another Wall Street crash. But Barney doesn’t stop there. Among other provisions of the bill is the requirement that more than a dozen Federal agencies create a new position called “Director of Minority and Women Inclusion”. Barney is apparently under the impression that not enough women and minorities work for the federal government. I talked this over with a five year old I know and she said, “I love Barney.”



She said if I were a designer kid

I’d want Barney for a daddy

I’d love him for the things he did

Though some say he’s a baddy

So what he’s played the Congress game

‘Cause so do many others

What ever he’s done it’s just the same

As his Congressional brothers

I love him for his winning smile

I love him for his color

You can see purple for a mile

It never gets no duller


When I pointed out we weren’t talking about Barney the purple dinosaur but Barney the congressperson, a man who wants to help President Obama turn the country into a socialist paradise, a man who somehow forgot to declare all his income come tax time, a man who never saw a socialist program he didn’t like, she thought a moment before replying.


She said they’re just like robbers who

Just want to steal our freedom

There is no difference ‘tween the two

Just tweedledee and deedum

I like my country like it is

Why do they have to change it

They want to take away the fizz

And really re-arrange it

You say that Barney’s not a star?

He’s not what people think?

He’s not a purple dinosaur

He looks so cute in pink?

Well just for that I take it back

We’ll fit him for some nooses

If I’da known he’s just a hack

From lib’ral Massachoosses


Moral: You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you can only fool a five year old once.




In Congress Assembled

Congressman Barney Frank, D-Massachusetts, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, the committee that writes the tax laws for the rest of us, is under investigation for not paying his taxes. Senator Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, is under investigation for accepting sweetheart mortgage deals from Countrywide Financial, an institution with a vested interest in what the Senate Banking Committee does. These people entered politics to do good, and they have done well. Like the rest of the liberal elites, they believe the laws were not meant for them, but for us.  



Barney Frank huffs and Barney Frank puffs

But mainly he puffs when he huffs

It’s plain as can be

A man’s man is he

It’s time he was fitted for cuffs


To think it odd

That Christopher Dodd

Would act nice for his cronies

Is more than queer

It’s insincere

To question his cajones

The man won’t care

That others share

A view of him unflattering

His clout he lends

To help his friends

Escape financial battering

And in return

Chris Dodd will earn

The thanks of all his crony band

Along with cash

And the weekend bash

In his cottage in Ould Ireland