Government Work

Bureaucrats speak and write in a language the average person can’t understand, and the reason is simple; they don’t want us to understand. Bureaucrats write regulations so obscure they can be interpreted any way the Government wishes to interpret them. Some believe this is a new development, but it is not. Bureaucrats have been with us forever. Clay tablets dug up at Incirlik in Turkey reveal a transcription of a meeting between a Hittite bureaucrat and King Muwatalli.


I speak most plainly, noble sir

On that I think you will concur

The proposition as you see

Entails a bit of levity

In that the levy be rewound

To keep the banking system sound

And therefore one must face the facts

The bank deposit system lacks

A mechanism for the state

To keep the nexus up to date

With regulations uniform

On tablets writ in cuneiform

And so it is that we contend

The written documents portend

That wealth and progressivity

Must track the net passivity