The They

People are wont to blame all their ills on a faceless “They”, without considering that the “They” are not faceless at all, they are the politicians they stupidly vote into office, and the beholden bureaucrats the politicians put in place to bedevil us with useless, harmful and costly regulations. So don’t blame a faceless “They”. They can be identified.


They tax and spend, they spend and tax

They tell us all to just relax

They know what’s right, they know what’s fair

They say that they’re the ones who care

They take our savings without cause

They milk the cash cow without pause

They do believe in what they do

They take much joy and money too

They build their fiefs and live like kings

They live the life our money brings

They think that it will never end

They think that we will always bend

They do not see the darkling cloud

They do not see the dark faced crowd

They smile and say all will be fine

They say just stay there safe in line

They say bad times will surely end

They think the taxpayer their friend

They don’t believe we have the will

They think we’ll all remain quite still

They do not know that mobs are fierce

They think the arrows will not pierce

They walk a ledge that’s coming loose

They do not see the coming noose