Government Work

As of 2008 the salaries of federal employees averaged $119,982 per year, while the average private sector salary was $59,909. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Health care and pension benefits adds $40,785 per year to the average salary of federal employees but only $9,881 to the average salary of private sector employees. Do the math. Average salary and benefits for federal employees = $160, 767, while average salary and benefits for private sector workers = $69,790. The average federal employee thus makes $69,790 a year more than the average private sector worker. And it’s worse than that. As of 20 January 2008, when President Obama took office, there were fewer than one hundred federal employees making more than $170,000 a year, and six months later the number had climbed above three thousand. Used to be a person went to work for the government at a lower salary than could be earned in the private sector, but offset that with a guaranteed lifetime job. Today, if you want to get rich, get a job with the government. Of course, if you want to get really rich, become a part of the government.



I work for the Feds and I’m quite pleased to say

I’m here to assist you get through your bleak day

I know you need help in the very worst way

And helping is my middle name

I make lots of money, much more than I need

With many promotions at breath-taking speed

I play by the rules both by word and by deed

And government work is my game

I’ll just need your name and your Social as well

Your bank account number I swear I won’t tell

I know that your life has been one living hell

And we know George Bush is to blame

We’ve taken your health care right out of your hands

It’s free with your payments in gold Krugerrands

With treatment provided by wild gypsy bands

No changes, your health care’s the same

No need now to worry ‘bout allies and such

The people once foes we now love very much

If trouble arises we’ll call on the Dutch

To carry on freedom’s bright flame

Yes I’m from DC and I’m quite pleased to note

That you and I sail in the very same boat

But things I have said you are never to quote

Yes government work is my game



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