Silent Knights

Political Correctness has reshaped our culture in ways that will ultimately lead to our demise as a coherent, cohesive, law abiding society.  Political correctness sets color against color, class against class, gender against gender. Diversity has resulted in discrimination against White males and Asians in favor of Blacks. Universities routinely admit and advance Blacks with lower scores than Whites and Asians. Hate speech is any word or group of words that any single member of a favored ethnic group finds personally objectionable. Can a comedian tell a Polish joke? Yes. A Jewish joke? Yes. A Catholic joke? Yes. A Black joke? No. A Muslim joke? No. Well, he can tell a Muslim joke but then he’ll have to go into hiding and take his family with him. Where will it end? It will end where all such evils end, with the slaughter (worst case) or the banishment (best case) of the favored minority by the disfavored majority.     



When days are old, the knights not bold

But manners are quite particular

We dare not shout, or e’en speak out
Lest we be perpendicular

Against a wall, a waiting pall

For daring to express a view

That some might see as blasphemy

And brand us as a parvenu

Ill bred, a boor, and what is more

Ill mannered, a vulgarian

For daring to vile words to spew

Like some grotesque Bulgarian

How could it be my fair country

Is peopled now by madder men

Where knights once bold are now just old

And wise too late but sadder men



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