Grade Point Average

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute grades universities that are not recommended for conservative students with a red or yellow symbol. Most are Ivies, but not all. Nothing wrong with this, it’s always good to be forewarned. What is bad is that it demonstrates the deplorable state to which our one time elite universities have sunk, a state brought about by their own harmful actions, actions they still believe necessary to redress imbalances and outright societal wrongs against minorities. I speak of affirmative action in admissions, where students who do not meet the entrance requirements of these once elite academic universities are admitted in order to fulfill a racial quota. Such admissions policies have been predicted to have baleful, even catastrophic results, but those predictions not only went unheeded but were dismissed as racist ravings. Yet, here we are, the predictions come true, as we see universities throughout the country dissolve into centers of black rage, entitlement and demands that the university fix the racist culture that has the grades of black students always at the bottom. Neither the administrations nor the black students see that admitting only qualified black students will raise the black grade point averages.

You cannot blame the inner city kid
For public schools where education lags
Behind the need to keep his brain well hid
For fear that classmates label him a fag
For schools where teachers know to those in class
Their lives mean nothing to the world or them
They’ll join their buddies in the jobless mass
And take the handout from the local Dem
The bright kids in these schools don’t have a chance
Their grades and SATs are far below
What a good education would enhance
But nonetheless to elite schools they go
To find themselves with others left behind
Surrounded by the kids from better schools
And fairly soon, frustrated, they will find
That they are looked upon as slow brained tools
Of politicians who thought doing good
Was the first goal of present, future, past
And thought by dumbing down the left back would
Rise up if but the net were wider cast

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