The Song Of Solomon

My beloved is mine, and I am his. – Song of Solomon verse 2:16

The Left has temporarily destroyed the cultural, legal and moral foundations of what was once the United States, and though the destruction is but temporary, when the spasm passes the country will not be as it was before. The country will have been changed, perhaps beyond recognition, the cultural, legal and moral foundations different than before the rise of the Left. And so, in the event the future holds that marriage is no longer sacred, I write, for posterity, what may be the last few lines of verse in honor of the sacred marriage of one man and one woman.

As so the white winged dove
Reflects the bride’s sweet beauty
So too does one man’s love
Commend them to God’s duty
To love each other fair
To hold close and endeavor
To honor and to care
From this day on, forever
Today the words so sweet
To anyone e’er spoken
So short yet so complete
God’s promises unbroken
A husband and a wife
The church bells gaily ringing
Begins a newborn life
That God’s sweet love is bringing

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