Happy Days

The nanny state has given birth to a growing number of young people who do not at all mind being unemployed, what with food stamps, eternal unemployment checks, living at home with mom and dad, using their free time to travel and do fun things they would be unable to do  were they gainfully employed. In fact, they call it funemployment. Another large group is not having as much fun, worried as they are that the country is about to experience a return to the 1930s and a full blown Depression. I would be happy as hell to go back to the 30s. I was just a kid and had the time of my life playing cops and robbers and climbing up onto the boxcars in the local Pennsylvania Railroad switchyard. And to the young guys on funemployment, enjoy it while you may because we will soon be at war with Iran and possibly China, and funemployment will very soon be succeeded by fundeployment

O happy days when I was six
A horse named Tony, the great Tom Mix
The Hindenburg and Earhart too
Their flights cut short, at least they flew
Depression times, when jobs were slow
I’m just a kid, what did I know

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