Time Is An Illusion

Quantum physics says time is an illusion and string theory seems to suggest that nothing can be smaller than the smallest string, meaning that space may be an illusion as well. Electrons and positrons are entangled, meaning they are not two separate particles but one particle with simultaneously opposite polarities. Not quite a trinity but certainly a binity. And now there are people claiming there are no black holes. Don’t know if some or any of this is true, but it makes for interesting speculation on a cold winter night.

Time is an illusion
Bringing mass confusion
When it comes time to push the time ahead
Spring forward or Fall back
The holes no longer black
And since there is no space, space travel’s dead
Electrons when at rest
Have tiny mass at best
Entangled as they are with positrons
Illusions everywhere
Just like Obamacare
It’s just our luck we’ve real Obamatrons

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