Happy Easter!

Today, Christians throughout the world celebrate the resurrection of the crucified Christ. Repeating Good Friday’s post, verse-afire brings those long ago yet everlasting events to a close by reprising those





Down the stone laid street, past the jeering crowd

Whipped and scourged, thorn crowned and bloody browed

Prodded by soldiers, laughed at by some

Carrying his cross, His Father’s time come

On Calvary hill he laid the cross down

In the distance lay shining Jerusalem town

They nailed him by hands, a spike through his feet

Then raised the cross high in the afternoon heat

A legend was posted for all to peruse

Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews

The soldiers all laughed as the man hung his head

Casting lots for his clothes before he was dead

He asked for a drink and received a sharp spear

The blood and the water signaled death was quite near

His eyes raised to heaven, He cried out in pain

Oh Father, dear Father, I shall see you again

His ordeal was over, in tomb did He lay

While soldiers stood guard by night and by day

He lay there all day and the following night

But on Sunday morn, with the coming of light

He rose from the dead, His Father’s work done

And stepped from the tomb to greet the new sun

Announcing His presence to those he held dear

He told them His Father’s salvation was near

He ascended  to Heaven, his earthly life through

Having died for our sins, and for me and for you





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