Special Forces

The Afghan government has complained that United States Special Forces are killing too many Afghan civilians, and must be reined in. Lefty human rights organizations throughout the world have taken up the cry and are demanding the SOF gangsters be restrained or removed altogether. Of course, the principal complaint by both camps is that the Special Forces are too effective in taking out Taliban big shots, and the left cannot have that.



The SOF are gangsters

Say we at Human Rights

They leap about like pranksters

Just because they own the nights

They sneak about and kick down doors

And shoot the bad guys too

Not caring that the Left abhors

The bad things that they do

We lefties bridle at the thought

That these men, left unchecked

Will kill all Taliban uncaught

And our plans will be wrecked

Our plan to make the world a place

Where men can live in peace

Where right wing thugs can’t show their face

And democracy will cease

And on that note I’ll close for now

It’s night and what is more

The SOF are on the prowl

And kicking in my door



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