Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

President Obama’s new Chief Diversity Officer of the Federal Communications Commission, Mark Lloyd, has called for private radio companies to pay licensing fees equal to their entire operating costs. Naturally, National Public Radio will not be required to pay this diversity licensing fee, since the entire purpose of this extortion is to drive conservative talk radio into extinction. President Obama insists he is not in favor of the Fairness Doctrine, known to all smirking liberals as the Favor Us Doctrine, yet appoints a man to oversee the diversity (read infusion of left wing views) of privately owned radio stations who is ferociously in favor of it. This is not double-speak, this is Obama-speak, which really is the same thing.



To ask the question why do Dems

Our freedoms like to crush

Is answered because we have gems

Like Hannity and Rush

And they have no one like the guys

And gals who’re on our side

And so to no one’s big surprise

They need to set aside

The Constitution’s guarantee

Of free speech for us all

By claiming that it isn’t free

If their side cannot call

Upon a host or two or more

Who can an audience hold

Who doesn’t make the listener snore

Who doesn’t leave them cold

They claim they simply can’t abide

Unfairness done to them

By having only on their side

The entire MSM



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