A Median IQ

Recent reports of distracted drivers killing themselves and others because they were texting while driving underscore the necessity of having basic intelligence testing for drivers at regular intervals. If it were just a matter of nominating these people for the Darwin award for removing their DNA from the gene pool, that would be okay, but they tend to take others with them. Passing a  simple IQ test should be a requirement for obtaining a drivers license, with failure to achieve an acceptable IQ score reason for denying the license, or at the very least requiring the posting of an easily recognizable bumper sticker. There should be plenty of left over Obama stickers, and it may be the IQ test is unnecessary, an Obama sticker on the car in front of you sufficient warning of intellectual incapacity.    



It seems to me the deadly dance

Of texting while in drive

Is playing with the odds on chance

That you won’t be alive

To get a message back from whom

You sent the message to

For you in your vehicle tomb

Are slowly turning blue

Of course we know the IQ score

Of those who text en route

Is in the rank of fair to poor

And Democrat to boot

So blame it on yo lefty mama

When you’re a median jumper

We know you by your big Obama

Sticker on your bumper



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