Heroes To Their Staffs

Everyone has a little Walter Mitty in them, but most of us don’t have a national microphone with which to inflate our egos. There is something going on inside people like Brian Williams and Hillary Clinton who tell us, with a charming aw shucks it was nothing attitude, how brave they were in an imaginary crisis that was apparently all too real to them. As a guy from Siam once said, Is a puzzlement.

For Williams this here little fuss
Will not a hair on his head muss
The hive will circle wagons ‘round
The witnesses will ne’er be found
Remember Rather and the fake
Documents his mucker rake
Dug up with which he meant to smear
A president and very near
Succeeded but for bloggers who
Showed that the fakes were just not true
The choppers seem to stir the mind
To thinking all of us are blind
And take their word that dangers lurk
When choppers drop them off to work
The Hillary once told the tale
Of how she made the snipers fail
By calmly taking from a child
Some flowers, driving snipers wild
No nothing happens to these folks
Their lies are treated as small jokes
They’ve played upon the rubes for laughs
They’re always heroes to their staffs

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