A Whiff Of Grape

A group of guys who could not pour a concrete patio without outside help, a seventh century suicide cult, is allowed to run wild, beheading and burning people alive, all without any serious attempt to stop them by powerful and civilized neighbors. If they kept the beheadings and burnings among themselves no one would care, but when they behead and burn others, then it is time to send them off to the promised virgins. A young Napoleon, faced with a violent crowd, ordered his gunners to fire, saying, “Give them a whiff of grape.” Cannon loaded with grapeshot dissolved the crowd. We have more effective weapons now, but the idea is the same. A whiff of grape does wonders when liberally applied.

Boots on the ground, oh my, the dread
Diplomacy will fix it
We’re winning hearts, Obama said
A little ipse dixit
A whiff of grape will wonders do
The virgins they are lonely
Not seven, no, not even two
Perhaps one virgin only
To go around for such a crowd
All cramming into heaven
When just one tiny mushroom cloud
Means no one will get seven

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