Hillary Clinton will not be the Democratic Party nominee. She has, through stupidity, negligence, incompetence or treason, set out the country’s top secrets in an unsecured server for everyone, enemies and allies alike, to effortlessly hack. Every email that crossed that server was read in real time in Moscow, Pyongyang, Teheran and Beijing, to name only the most obvious. Why would she do such a thing? Ask yourself, how much money did the Chinese Communist government give to the Clinton Foundation. That may not have been the reason, of course, for stupidity cannot be ruled out. The FBI will recommend an indictment, and whether or not the Attorney General issues one is immaterial. She did not just break State Department rules, as her supporters insist, she endangered the country, whether willfully or stupidly. She will be pressured to withdraw and there will be a brokered convention.

The rules and laws are not for me
The Clintons always laugh
They are of course for thou and thee

And possibly our staff
We do as well as we darn please
The White House is our right
We never rest, never at ease
We always stand and fight
We’ve always fought for little folks
Who never had a chance
Who were the butt of awful jokes
And never could advance
We helped those people find their way
In this benighted land
And where our clientele will pay
A strong armed, young field hand
The going rate for his true vote
And Chinese checks look fine
Delivered every month by boat
All Bill’s and yes all mine
We have amassed a fortune from
Some sleazy, hidden deals
We never fear the Feds will come
Unless some dirt rat squeals
So vote me in the White House dears
Bring Bill back in as well
And just in case, to ease your fears

The interns will not tell

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