Trump Disdain

The disdain for Donald Trump and his supporters among the pundit class is endemic, with some of Fox News Channel regulars among them. The disdain extends beyond Trump himself to his supporters, who are universally described as ignorant, high school dropouts, low income residents of trailer parks. These faux elite pundits do not see that these people have been betrayed by the liberal dogma that says that shipping jobs and factories overseas is a good thing, and that importing millions of third world Mexicans into the country to take their few remaining jobs is good for the economy. The pundits sniff at the concerns of these people, who in their ignorance do not understand the world as well as their betters do. Well, disdain goes both ways, and the faux elites of both parties are about to find out how it feels when somebody eats your lunch.

The eyebrow raised, the snicker, sneer
Suggestions that the end is near
For Trump and folks who just drink beer
Well fellah guard your lunch
Those lower class moronic dopes
Those no-nothings with dopey hopes
Who spend their days watching the soaps
Will show how hard they punch
They’re marching and they’re pitchfork mad
They know they’ve been betrayed and had
You are about to get it bad
And that’s not just a hunch
Oh yes you’ll still be on TV
Your pretty face we’ll all still see
But you’ll be hungry, yes you’ll be
Because we have your lunch

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