History Lesson

I spoke recently to my great-great-grandson, as yet unborn, and I asked what he had learned in school that day. His eyes widened as he told me what he had learned.

I love my school, great-great-grandpa
He said with great excitement
In history our teacher told
Of how the great enlightment
Came to the country long ago
When presidents still ruled us
Before they tore the statues down
And evil men still fooled us
To thinking that we were still free
With Mr. Trump’s election
But he was gone, great great grandpa
In the great deselection
By patriots who saved us all
From evil and corruption
And put in place a queen for life
Rule without interruption
My teacher said that voting gave
Us people who betrayed us
Who trampled on our sacred rights
And never once obeyed us
But now, and here his eyes flashed bright
He said his teacher’s hintin’
That next year there’s a new young queen
But still a noble Clinton