I’m In And You’re Out

The dispossessing of native inhabitants by newcomers is as old as every species, animal or vegetable, and is possible only when the invading species is superior in some way to the native species, if only in numbers. In recent experience the replacement of the native European population by a foreign species, the North African muslim, is proceeding by the demographic process of rising muslim birthrates and falling European birthrates, the replacement abetted, condoned and encouraged by the ruling European elites. A different kind of displacement of native inhabitants in North America occurred when a modern, industrialized and technologically superior species arrived in North America in the early 17th century and displaced the native population of Neolithic people who had arrived from northeast Asia over the Bering Strait land bridge during the last ice age, and never acquired science or technology, being unacquainted even with the wheel when the Europeans arrived. For those who wish for visitors from other star systems, you may be disappointed in the quality of life in your reservation.

Yes, I’m superior to you
In every way that’s measured
In culture and in science too
In short, in all you’ve treasured
My guns are better than your spears
My tanks than all your horses
And so it is like this, my dears
You bow to stronger forces
My gods are wiser than your gods
My women greater beauty
My armies conquer despite odds
For conquest is our duty
Be thankful that we are now here
To guide you and to teach you
And should you hide a single spear
Well we know where to reach you