Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court today ruled that the arts and crafts company named Hobby Lobby did not have to provide contraceptives to its employees as mandated by Obamacare. I believe Hobby Lobby was wrongly decided. I believe Sandra Fluke and all other women who swoon over and voted for Barack Obama should be FORCED to take free contraceptives. I realize this would be a slow process, but eventually it would result in a higher IQ gene pool. We can identify these women by their posture. Any woman of child bearing age who leans left will receive, at no cost, an unlimited supply of candy kisses and birth control pills. As a fisherman I know the difference between a flounder and a fluke, and Sandra is a flounder. And yet, this decision could easily provoke unpregnant women who desire to remain in that condition to take to the streets and hang us unsuspecting oppressor males. 

The war on women, Lefties rage
Has entered a new phase
The Right has stirred a hornet’s nest of wrath
As angry women will engage
With those who cry who pays
What’s fair is that we take from those who hath
Yes history turns on little things
The snowball rolls downhill
As angry women storm the palace gates
And hang the noisome dukes and kings
And throttle men at will
Then wonder where to go to find their mates

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