Little Johnny Kerry

John Kerry is now begging the Kurds to solve the Iraqi problem Barack Obama set in motion when he threw away the victory won by our troops before he was elected. John Kerry is the perfect fit for an Obama Secretary of State. He is intellectually challenged, but certain of his place in society, having twice married very rich women, outdoing his father, who only married one rich woman, thus setting son John a reachable goal. His father also set the standard for dissimulation so necessary in a Secretary of State by changing the Eastern European family name to Kerry when he arrived in Boston, to kerry favor with the local Irish. John learned well from his father, and the results are apparent to this day.

I‘ll say this much for Sec of State
Our little Johnny Kerry
He married well and married filthy rich
He made believe he was from Cork
Or maybe Londonderry
Rich women gave the poor man such an itch
When John Heintz died he left his widow
57 billion
Or was that just the sum of ketchup brands
He loved to windsurf but when riding
Horses he rode pillion
Rich women were just putty in his hands
So now he makes the rounds of countries
Cap in hand and begging
Like Oliver who wanted some more gruel
A comedown for the man who prized
His slim and handsome legging
I tell you folks this world can be so cruel

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