Holy Marriage

We are losing many things that once were sacred, like respect for the flag, the sacredness of life, the knowledge and love of country and our history and, not least, the loss of the unspoken understanding of the sanctity and holiness of marriage. I spoke to a sex doll recently and she said,

For wholly marriage I am made
Not sex doll for your pleasure paid
Man come in store say blond hair Dutch
Saleslady say to him how much
He buy and carry me across
A threshold showing who is boss
Guests cheer and clap and is so nice
They throw on me some GM rice
In house a small man nod his head
He say some words and we be wed
Guests kiss me then have cakes and ale
Is strange how all the guests be male
At marriage night man sit and cry
Say user’s manual be why
Is not in English, he not read
He look at me, he cry and plead
I say I will be happy please
To teach him read the Japanese
She smiled and turned and walked away
I watched the brilliant sunshine play
On golden hair that made her Dutch
And warm blue eyes that said so much
Framed by arched eyebrows stark and bold
Above her epicanthic fold
I thought I’d get me one of these
As soon as I learn Japanese

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