The Gunsel And The Tweeter

President Trump, in words, tweets and action, is well on his way to convincing China that it is in their interest to turn their North Korean hit man into the cops, like Humphrey Bogart convinced Sidney Greenstreet in the movie The Maltese Falcon to turn in his gunsel, Peter Lorre. The scene would have gone something like this:

The conversation went smoothly despite the little man with the bulgy eyes and sinister aspect pointing a gun at me. “So you see, Mr. Spade,” the fat man said, “it would seem I hold all the cards.”
“Except if he shoots me you never get the bird. Get rid of the gunsel and we can talk.”
“By gad, sir,” the fat man chuckled, “you are a caution!”

And so it went, into the night
Not only birds are tweeters
Sometimes it’s true that might makes right
Sometimes the hunt needs beaters
To make some noise with pots and pans
And screams and whistles, shouting
While tweeter smiles and makes his plans
With no room now for doubting
And so the Chinese see the light
They’ve got to choose, so pick one
Who do they back if there’s a fight
The choice is made, a quick one
The gunsel sort of disappears
Replaced by one more pliant
And so there’s peace for many years
With China tweeter’s client

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