Hooray For Hollywood

Hollywood is not what it used to be. Yes, the immigrant guys who made the movies back when were left wing liberals, but they loved the United States and put their politics aside when making movies. Today the guys who make movies wear their distaste for the United States on their sleeves, continually making movies debasing the country and tearing down the culture. Those movies play to the radical left, but not to ordinary Americans, who stay away from today’s movies in droves. And the lefty directors and writers sneer at us, the lumpen proletariat, for not being intelligent enough or sophisticated enough to appreciate their art. And so, with the movie industry collapsing around them, the left goes merrily on its way, believing in their hearts that America is a vile and murderous country and it is their job to expose the truth, no matter how painful it may be to hear it. Hooray For Hollywood was written by Richard Whiting and Johnny Mercer for the 1937 movie Hollywood Hotel. Nobody is singing Hooray for Hollywood now.



Hooray for Hollywood

Just goes to show the damage folly could

Do to a magic image enterprise

No surprise

Watch them just disintegrate before our eyes

Hooray for Hollywood

Where each and every single dolly would

Command a ransom just for showing up

And throwing up

A double barreled stinker that was blowing up

The studio execs

They’re stunned and don’t know what is coming next

Is it the end for all their magic dreams

So it seems

Taking alka-seltzer ‘cause they’re so darned vexed

Hooray for Hollywood

We surely have to say by golly should

We be concerned that they might go away

Let us pray

That they see their lefty movies do not pay

Hooray for Hollywood