Gloom And Doom

If the purveyors of economic and international gloom and doom are correct, and I see no reason to believe they are not, then we are in for a difficult time in the next ten years. But we’ll come out of it, we always do, and it may be the silver lining to all this will be Polywell fusion to solve both the energy and the Middle East problem, and the economic turmoil that turns the political landscape of the United States away from the liberal progressive Robin Hood mindset that holds that robbing Peter, (you and me), to pay Paul, (favored constituencies), will be at an end. The Great Depression brought in the New Deal, so perhaps this one will bring back the Old Deal of a country run on conservative and constitutional principles.   



O Gloom, O Doom

What do they have in common

They both have lots of Os, when one’s too much

And O, we know

Means economic bombin’

For our Big O is hitless in the clutch

The fan, the man

The excrement together

All form a nasty stew of bleakest broth

As now, we bow

Our heads into the weather

And hope the storm blows out in gentle froth

The buck, with luck

Will hold itself upright till

A new administration takes the wheel

And sets, and gets

It’s sights upon that high hill

That signifies the end of the New Deal

Bad times, tough climbs

Ahead are what we’re in for

The only thing about it that is good

Is that, now flat

The Dems and all they’ve been for

Are dead and gone and so is Robin Hood