House Of Mirrors

The White House of Obama laughs a lot, especially when they lie and when they are incompetent, which is all the time. But the deeper the country sinks into the black hole brought on by the incompetence and malfeasance and outright fascism of the Obama administration, the White House ceases to be a fun house and becomes a madhouse. And when the funhouse becomes a madhouse, the mirrors reflect the demonic face of a mad King who rules by diktat and by whim, a madness that becomes increasingly mad the deeper into the darkness we go.

The Funhouse beckoned slyly to the fairground’s happy crowd
The entrance so inviting and so near
The cool slim barker crying only hope and change allowed
So step right in, there’s nothing here to fear
We walked inside to find ourselves amused by how we looked
In mirrors briefly lit by lightning flash
But as we walked into the dark we knew we had been hooked
And trusting in the barker now seemed rash
The deeper in the darkness now the mirrors subtly changed
No longer so amusing as at first
The images of monsters loomed so horribly deranged
And soon we understood we had been cursed
The image of the barker now lined every mirrored wall
His grin the grin of evil overdone
We knew that in his funhouse we were trapped beyond recall
As all we had was taken, one by one
With horrifying screams the patrons pressed on in the dark
The exit seeming oh so far away
We knew that we were someplace we would never hear dogs bark
Or see the rising sun bring light of day
Yet in our panic there appeared before us one small door
On opening it showed the fairground bleak
No longer crowded, void of laughter, lacking all allure
And stepping out we found no one would speak
The posters on the midway screamed we owed our lives to him
Whose picture rose in giant size all ‘round
The barker’s face, no longer smiling but severe and grim
Overlooked a fairground without sound
A young man whispered All is lost, all gone as with the wind
Our freedom, rights and Constitution gone
The barker rules by fiat and the rest of us are pinned
The King is loose and we are but a pawn

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