Palaver Or Geese And Thistles

Back in the day, when elementary school was serious education, we learned how the small town of Rome protected itself from its enemies by placing geese and thistles on the hills surrounding the city, all to give the alarm. Barack Obama does not believe in being prepared, he believes in palaver, talking, making agreements that only he believes in. As a consequence, he has defanged the US military and left the country vulnerable to anyone who wants to do us harm. I do not believe this is incompetence, as many believe, but deliberate policy, intended to harm the country as his communist mother and father so ardently wished.

All those who believe in palaver
Will soon find themselves a cadaver
Don’t worry, Obama is clever
The country is safer than ever
So what if the Russians build missiles
We’re safe with our geese and our thistles
They’ll warn us if danger is lurking
They’ll tell us if something is perking
Our dead eyes will never feed starlings
So sleep well at night then my darlings

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