I Can’t Believe We Failed

Every policy espoused by the Obama administration has failed. The Arab Spring has turned once stable dictatorships into unstable terrorist states. The policy of speaking gently to Iran has allowed Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. The policy of giving oil and food to North Korea in return for unkept promises has resulted in threats from the unstable North Korea regime to nuke the United States. And so it goes, a daily litany of failure. I spoke to a high ranking White House official who was not authorized to speak publicly on the subject, but he spoke anyway. Between the sobs and moans I gathered this is what he said.

“I never thought we’d fail,” he sobbed
“The future looked so bright
The spin and lies and worse we fobbed
Off on the folks each night
Just made us feel that we were gold”
And here he gave a sigh
“Our prez,” he said, “was wise and bold
And we were riding high
And then through no fault of our own
Just everything we hailed
As right and good was over thrown
By cries that we had failed
In Syria and Egypt and
Benghazi and the rest
And all the good that we had planned
Had failed the final test”
He cried at that and turned to leave
I said, “It’s just as well”
He sobbed, “Just leave me here to grieve
It’s all just gone to hell”

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