The Wages Of Arrogance

The Obama administration is beset with calamity, a calamity it brought on itself with lies and arrogance. Lies about the terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate and arrogance to think they could sic the IRS on political opponents and not be called on it. The worst however, by their lights, was the subpoenaing of the telephone logs of the Associated Press, for that turned the heretofore lapdog sycophants in the White House Press Corps against them, at least temporarily, allowing the vast majority of Americans, who get their news from the lapdog media, to hear for the first time what the verminous Obama administration has been up to. It is said that the United States was once governed by the best and the brightest. If it were ever true, it is no longer

The days of the best and the brightest
Are gone and may never return
We’re ruled by the worst and the lightest
Who seem quite unable to learn
The old best and brightest are sleeping
Disturbed in their eternal rest
Their graves undermined by the seeping
Of lies now beginning to crest

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