I Just Can’t Take It Anymore

We’ve all heard by now of Muammar Khadafy’s rambling and incoherent speech the other day to the United Nations General Assembly, a speech so full of inconsistencies and insane fantasies that Khadafy’s personal interpreter, brought to New York for the express purpose of relaying the Khadafy wisdom to the world, collapsed into incoherence himself after 75 minutes and screamed in Arabic into an open mike, “I just can’t take it any more!” One feels sorry for the poor man, and one wonders also what is going to become of him. Knowing how mercurial and easily offended Khadafy is, I sure hope this little lapse doesn’t cost him, his camels and goats and the rest of his extended family their lives.    



He said nothing could be scarier

Than tangled in the barrier

Of M. Khadafy’s language soaring on

For hours at a time when pinned

By syntax blowing in the wind

And lies and accusations boring on

I sympathize with this man’s plight

And hope that things will turn out right

And he and all his family survive

His honest and distress filled gaffe

The one that made Khadafy laugh

When crying into microphone alive

He couldn’t take it any more

And thus we wonder what’s in store

For such a man who made his master blush

I have the sense to his surprise

The man has hastened his demise

As M. Khadafy whispered there’s no rush

The car will be here in a trice

A little ride for you’d be nice

And you can think of me as you lament

Your outburst on this UN stage

That caused me to misplace my page

And say a few things that I never meant

Goodbye old friend you’ve served me well

But if you’re weak just for a spell

I fear that your employment’s at an end

I hate to do what I must do

The scimitar will strike well true

And as you go please think of me as friend