Victory Or Debt

The New York Times reports on the struggle between the White House and the General commanding in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, over Afghan war policy. Some months ago President Obama fired General David McKiernan and appointed General McChrystal to win the war candidate Obama said was the good war, the war we should have been fighting instead of the bad war, Iraq. But now the president is having second thoughts about the goodness of the Afghan war, and looks to be getting ready to pull the plug. General McChrystal, in the meantime, has submitted a plan for winning the war, and has said he will resign if the president decides he does not want victory in Afghanistan. And since the president has saddled the taxpayers with massive trillions of dollars of debt into the long foreseeable future, it looks like the president has called for victory or debt, and has chosen debt, with or without honor.



General McChrystal will turn in his pistol

If Barack Obama won’t show

His Afghan intention and may we just mention

His attitude toward Qaeda foe

He said on the stump into Afghan he’d jump

And throw old bin Laden in chains

But now he’s as dubious as Varro and Publius

When told Hannibal’d made no gains

He’s thinking it over is Barack the rover

Who thinks he’s an eagle on high

But deep in the clover lies Barack the plover

Not sure which decision to buy

The problem with Afghan for Barack is he can

Not see where the politics lies

He’s afraid of his Left and so now he’s bereft

Of all but soft whimpers and sighs