I, Uni Verse

Many physicists today believe there is more than one universe, that in fact we should not think of it as the universe but as the multiverse. The multiverse does not exist. We are one infinitely tiny part of the infinitiverse. There are, in our own universe, billions of galaxies, each with a black hole at its center. Each of those billions of black holes contains a universe similar to ours, each with billions of galaxies, each galaxy with a black hole at its center, each black hole…and so on. There are, therefore, an infinite number of galactic center black holes, each with an infinite number of galaxies, a concept I examined in my sci fi novel Almost Paradise, and sadly, in the end I didn’t know if my characters were alive or dead, and equally sadly, neither did they. On the other hand, since I typically post a verse only once on any given day I suppose that makes me a uni versal poster, though there is an occasional multi verse.

When looking into deepest space
For just a sign, a friendly face
To tell us we are not alone
That E. T. has someone to phone
But what if what we see out there
Is but a part of what we share
With all who live in one black hole
Contained in baby’s porridge bowl
Where all the stars we see alight
Are torches marching home at night
From hours working in the mines
While searching grumpily for signs
A universe exceeding strange
Where passing Go induces change
And black holes beckon so intense
Upon horizons with events
And thinking so I fall asleep
And pray the Lord my soul to keep


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