Baby It’s Cold Outside

Maybe one day rural Siberia will look like Beverly Hills. – Richard Fernandez, The Belmont Club, in an essay on the probability of our current world turning upside down.

I spoke to a young lady the other day and asked why it was so cold in Beverly Hills. She thought for a moment and then said:

“It’s all because of all this talk
Of galaxies and such
And guys who like to walk the walk
But don’t do very much
Where universes come in threes
And things are upside down
And that is why we have a freeze
In this my old home town
Siberia is rich and warm
With their Rodina Drive
While I now live in an old dorm
And barely keep alive
I tell you bro it isn’t fair
The good life it has flown
Siberia is now the there
And if I’d only known
That things would flip on us so fast
That they’d be warm, me cold
With every breeze a wintry blast
And icy fingers hold
Me in its grip till I turn blue
It’s all George Bush’s fault
They say there’s nothing we can do
It’s just that damn gestalt!”
She walked away, wrapped in her furs
Of warm Siberian mink
A stranger in a world not hers
By gosh, it makes you think

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