Ice And Time

In the fourth millennium BC, somewhere around 3600 BC, there occurred a catastrophe that destroyed a significant part of European life, causing death and dislocation on a massive scale. The glaciers had been melting for thousands of years, and in the middle of the North American continent, ice blocked passages through the mountains caused a massive lake of cold, fresh water to form. When the blocking ice finally gave way, the lake poured south, forming the Great Lakes and Niagara, rushing into the Atlantic ocean, where the cold surface water flowed eastward, lowering the temperature of the prevailing winds, which then dropped the temperatures across a wide belt of Europe and beyond, leading to massive crop failure. This is where we are, only at an accelerated pace. The Socialist Blue Model glacier has been melting for some time, and will soon crash through the passes and inundate all but the highest ground. And on that high ground we will find our new masters, in their fairy-tale castles, distributing crumbs to the starving masses of the displaced and the unemployable.

Castles on the highest hills
Credentialed serfs below
Some crouched around the shuttered mills
Now rusting in the snow
Blue Model life had run its course
Like models gone before
First gatherer and then the horse
The free range life no more
The chieftains gathered up the clans
And bound them to the soil
And took away their hopes and plans
And set them at their toil
For one brief moment mankind swept
Away the oligarchs
The castles they had lately kept
Turned to museum parks
But in the end the glaciers win
As life in cycles goes
In rhythm with endless spin
That ice and time may pose

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