The Golden Age Of Greece

Greece again has reached the bottom of the empty money barrel, and again it looks like the end. The death of Greece, and perhaps of the European Union, has been a long time coming. Will the Germans again pump life blood into failing Greek banks, delaying the burial of the corpse for a few more months? Or do the Germans, weary of propping up the putrefying relict, say the hell with it, and let the poor man die? Where are the once powerful gods of Greece? Where is Hera, the Earth Mother, when her people need her? Oh yes, she was deposed by Zeus, her son, who has obviously made a hash of things. Would you rather have Medea or the media? Tell the truth. Ruling men is better left to goddesses than to other men, who only think they are gods.

What happened to the goddesses
Blue eyes and raven hair
With overflowing bodices
And no one now to care
Artemis, Diana, sweet
Athena spring to mind
They strode the world most indiscreet
Bewitching humankind
The Maiden Huntress with her bow
The Underworld’s Hecate
It’s sad to say no one I know
Has heard of them of late
The world is poorer for their loss
Men tossed them all aside
When guys like Zeus became their boss
Forbidding them to ride
Consigning them to household tasks
Olympus was a mess
With sodden gods and dry wine casks
Sprawled out in drunk distress
It all began when Jason sailed
The Argo to Colchis
And as Aeetes’ dragon wailed
He stole the Golden Fleece
Mount Pelion, the story goes
Received the Fleece with thanks
For Zeus’s shrine was in the throes
Of closing all its banks
And thus did Zeus his mother wed
And goddess rule to cease
And so was ended, so ‘twas said
The Golden Age of Greece

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