Ice Cubes

In Britain recently, refrigerators were exploding due to the substitution of green approved refrigerant gases to replace the non-green approved CFCs (Freon).

The monster sits there ill at ease
A-humming in its way
Knowing that he cannot freeze
And gonna blow today
The dishwasher just sits and stares
The range is hunching low
They’re waiting knowing they’ll get theirs
If fridge decides to blow
It’s quiet now and all is dark
Another day is gone
When suddenly the range cries Hark!
It’s coming up on dawn
They’ll be down soon it’s breakfast time
And fridge is sounding queer
And there, the clock, I hear the chime
And fridge cried, Mind the beer!
For I’m about to blow this joint
I’m sick of being told
That I’m no good, and what’s the point
If I just can’t get cold
And that is how it ended as
The fridge took his last ride
And out he went with much pizzazz
And everything inside
Now covered all including range
And dishwasher as well
And all ‘cause whackos forced the change
To environmental hell