The Left in Britain and Europe is setting up to deny the British public their Brexit victory by any means possible. It is almost as if British democracy, having hit the iceberg and survived, is now faced with a second iceberg. But icebergs are a shifty lot; they move, slowly to be sure, but they move, and it is not at all clear that the Labour Party knows exactly where that second iceberg is. Is it in Edinburgh, where the Scots threaten to torpedo the move out of the EU? And if so, where in Edinburgh? Perhaps it is in the house once lived in by Robert Louis Stevenson where it is reading, in manuscript, The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde.

How sweet the noble Mr. Hyde
The Leftists would appear
As long as you are on their side
You have but naught to fear
But cross the line and you shall see
The Dr. Jekyll leer
The maddened eyes that say that we
Are charged by God to steer
The ship of state until she sinks
On yonder icy floe
And if a single peasant blinks
Then overboard you go
And then before their very eyes
The transformation came
The voters wished their fond goodbyes
And meant to change the game
And Dr. Jekyll in his wrath
Grabbed sweet Britannia’s throat
And cackling led her down the path
And ‘cross the castle moat
And to the dungeon she was sent
Until she abject yield
And British voters did repent
And Brexit was repealed
Yet even as the Left rejoiced
They thought that they would win
The sudden scream of “Ice!” was voiced
And icebergs did them in

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